Hungary is popular among tourist from all over the world. In 2015 the Liszt Ferenc Airport saw a staggering 12% growth in the number of air passagers in just a year. Hungary is getting very popular!

Hungary has a strong cultural inheritage, lots of things to do (music festivals, thermal baths, medical tourism) and what is more important a vibrating atmosphere.

Cultural tourists can everything they need: discover the beauties of a country that has more 1000 years of history. Cultural sights with breath taking monuments, sculptures, museums.

The younger generation is attracted by music festivals like Sziget, Balaton Sound or events like Formula One in Mogyorod or the ruin pubs in the downtown area Gozsdu where you can get superb street food. Stag parties and hen weekends are especially popular among UK young people.

Medical patients can take advantage of lower treatment prices – hair transplant, dental implants, medical checkups, bath tourism are all high on the list of those looking for health and beauty services.

Budapest alone is a major destination for UK and Irish visitors that can book their budget airline and other direct flights from Dublin, London, Bristol and a couple of other airports in the UK.